• Takashima City, Shiga Pref. / Shirahige Camp Site

    Shirahige Shrine Canoe tour

    The TORII built in Lake Biwa, approaching closer, with Canoe Guide

Shirahige Shrine Canoe at Lake Biwako/Takashima-city,Shiga

(about 120min.)
1) 9:00-11:00
2) 12:00-14:00
3) 14:30-16:30


< Time Schedule >

<1. Gathering/Reseption >

Gathering place is in Shirahige Camp Site Parking 1000JPY/car,Entry fee 300JPY/person
>> ACCESS <<

<2. Explain for safe >

We will explain for safe to participant in clear way. Almost participants are beginner.

<3. Let's start! >

Let's start the exiting Tour! Can you do it well?

<4. Experience >

We will go slowly while practicing. Canoe guide with you! So donot warry if you fall!

<5.Brake Time >

Not only Canoe. We can play in the water.

<6. Finish >

Finish! It is sure that you will be excited with your companion! We give you Tour photo for free.


Adult 5,000JPY(10years and over)
Kids 1,500JPY(5-9years)*1
*1 please ride the pair canoe with a adult.

T-shorts,harf pants,sandals

<How to Booking>
- WEB Site -
GOODTIMES Booking Form
- E-mail - 
Booking and inqire to E-mail: info@goodtimes88.jp

< Minimum >
2 persons

< Cancellation >
Cancellation fee will be charged if canceled by costomer condition.
Free / 2 days before of tour day
50% / 1day before of tour day
100% / tour day

*In cace we decide the tour to cancel for wether situation, no charge cancellation fee of it.


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